1. How soon can I expect documents to be served?

S2P currently has two service levels for Service of Process: Standard & Rush. For Standard Service we will make the first service attempt within 3 days of receiving your paperwork. Rush Service is when the client requests S2P to make a service attempt on the same day we receive the paperwork.

S2P can only assure that attempts are made within the above time frames; there are too many variables to guarantee that service can be accomplished within a fixed time frame.

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2. What does it cost to have papers served?

Listed below are current fees for some of our common services (excluding tax):

We will be happy to email you a complete schedule of our services and costs. Our prices are competitive and designed to enable us to provide a high quality of service to you; enable S2P to expand our coverage to include more clients and services; enable S2P sufficient profitability to be stable, reliable and dependable for you and our other clients for years to come.

For service in New Mexico within the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Bernalillo city limits the cost for Service of Process is fixed. We can, and do provide service outside these limits. For service outside the above city limits we charge roundtrip mileage from Albuquerque to the address of your service location.

In circumstances where S2P partners with another service provider the cost will be dependent on the service cost of the final provider. S2P can coordinate and determine those costs for you.

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3. Where do you serve papers?

Everywhere, however because we are based in Albuquerque, NM the largest proportion of our service occurs within the municipalities of:

  • Albuquerque
  • Rio Rancho
  • Bernalillo
  • Corrales
  • Santa Fe
  • Los Lunas
  • Belen

We do provide service outside these municipalities, moreover we can partner with other service providers to accomplish your service nationally, or internationally.

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4. How many service attempts do you make?

Our base Service of Process price includes 1 attempt. Additional attempts are billed at $5 each.

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5. Do you provide or file the Return/Affidavit of Service?

Most of our clients file their own affidavits; however for an additional cost we can file the return for you.

We will generate and deliver a detailed, notarized Return of Service at the completion of our service. Our business software can create a variety of court-approved affidavits appropriate for the type of service provided, or we can complete, sign and notarize the affidavits you provide us.

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6. What if the defendant or witness refuses service?

Every court has its own set of rules for the procedures surrounding due process. These rules of procedure have a hierarchy of alternative methods to accomplish the fundamental goal of service of process; which is to ensure that the parties involved in the litigation receive appropriate notification that they have been named in a lawsuit and have time to seek counsel.

A person being served (when appropriately identified) does not need to physically accept the service papers to meet legal service obligations. Often, service is accomplished by giving the documents to a co-habitant of the target individual who is over the age of 15. Furthermore, provided other methods of service have been unsuccessful the individual's employer may be served the papers.

Each state, as well as courts within a given state has their own rules pertaining to service of process. Be certain you use a professional process server who is familiar with the rules pertaining to your case or you jeopardize the service being challenged and ruled invalid.

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7. What if service can't be accomplished via personal service alternatives (hand delivery)?

S2P records the date, time, and relevant comments of every service attempt. The details of these attempts are uploaded online and are a permanent addition to the case details. Furthermore, S2P business tools can generate an Affidavit of Due Diligence at no additional cost. Using this affidavit you or your attorney can, upon motion, show that service cannot reasonably be made as provided by court rule. The court may then order service by any method or combination of methods, including publication that is reasonably calculated to apprise the defendant of the existence and pendency of the action and to afford a reasonable opportunity for them to appear and defend themselves.

The above is not to be taken as legal advice, we are not attorneys and don't presume to offer any legal advice. It is only offered to suggest that it is possible to achieve service even if personal service attempts have been unsuccessful.

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8. How do you bill me for services?

If you are a registered business we will perform the service and then bill you after service is accomplished. We send invoices to our clients via email as standard procedure. When we receive payment for service we will send you a receipt. A complete history of your invoices can be found online through your secure S2P portal.

For clients who do not have a registered business we ask for payment in advance. That is easily accomplished online from our website through our integration with PayPal.

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9. I see on your website that you can view order history online. How does that work?

As a regular client you will receive your own username, password, and pin number to access the secure S2P web portal.

Below is a list of some of the information that will be uploaded and stored permanently online for you to view at your discretion:

  • Look up all your pending papers
  • View history of all papers served
  • Filter and sort papers at your discretion
  • All case comments are included here as well
  • View history of all service attempts - date, time, attempt notes
  • View your complete Served2Perfection invoicing history, including check numbers used for payment
  • View and print all notarized Returns of Service. These are scanned and uploaded after each job completion

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10. How do you notify me that service has been successful?

We can always call you; however our standard procedure is to send our client an email at the time of successful service, or an unsuccessful attempt. This provides you with a date and time stamped audit trail of your service in real time. Many clients create an email rule/folder to keep these emails in for future reference. However we can always easily email a comprehensive report reflecting the case details along with the services attempts with dates, times, and service notes. Furthermore this same information is uploaded and available online for your viewing 24 hours a day!

These email notifications also include successful courier and court filing jobs.

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If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to call us or send your question to us by using our contact form.

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